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Travis Rose Ottawa Massage Therapy  BROADVIEW AVE / CARLING AVE OTTAWA, ON
Janice Webster Natural Balance Massage Therapy Centre  ALBERT STREET / O'CONNOR STREET OTTAWA, ON
Jana Veltheim Align Massage Therapy  COOPER / O'CONNOR N Ottawa, ON
Dawson Webb Jockvale Massage Therapy Clinic  GREENBANK / STRANDHERD Ottawa, ON
Elke Peck Westin Health Club  COLONEL BY DRIVE / BANK STREET Ottawa, ON
Karina Ackert The Massage Cottage  CARLING / CLYDE OTTAWA, ON
Christie Keeling Kent Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre  FLORA ST / KENT ST Ottawa, ON
Melissa Beals Whole Therapy  QUEENSVIEW DR / PINECREST RD Ottawa, ON
Arlene Fleming Beechwood Village Chiropractic Clinic  BEECHWOOD / VANIER PARKWAY OTTAWA, ON
Ruth Burnett-Cole Ruth Burnett-Cole, RMT  N/A Ottawa, ON
Catherine Hachigian Catherine Hachigian, RMT  HEMLOCK ROAD / ST. LAURENT BLVD. Ottawa, ON
Sabina Juppe Align Massage Therapy  BANK STREET / HUNT CLUB ROAD Ottawa, ON
Siri Bandhu Khalsa Downtown B & B & Spa  METCALFE N / MCLEOD W OTTAWA, ON
Chadwick Shank Sage Wellness  N/A Ottawa, ON
Jessica Matte Anna Belanger and Associates  BANK / SUNNYSIDE Ottawa, ON
Paige Winkenweder Filosofi Laser and Massage Clinic  N/A OTTAWA, ON
Jason Epps Sage Wellness  BANK E / GLADSTONE S Ottawa, ON
Sarah Richardson Life Therapies  WELLINGTON / CAROLINE OTTAWA, ON
Melissa Rankin Greenboro Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic  JOHNSTON RD / TAPIOLA CRES Ottawa, ON
Cailey Schaffler Align Massage Therapy  COOPER ST / O'CONNOR ST Ottawa, ON
Kimberly Bold Kneaded Touch Massage  DANFORTH / ROOSEVELT Ottawa, ON
Marc Marsolais Ottawa Professional Therapy Centre  CATHERINE / BANK Ottawa, ON
Christine Bourgon Christine Bourgon, RMT  BASELINE RD / GREENBANK RD Ottawa, ON
Shirley Keith Freedom to Move Massage Therapy  MARCH ROAD N / BEAR HILL ROAD E Ottawa, ON
Marla Keyes Marketplace Family Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Clinic  STRANDHERD W / GREENBANK S Barrhaven, Ottawa, ON
Tanya Moore Core Sports and Manual Physiotherapy  BASELINE / PRINCE OF WALES Ottawa, ON
Danielle Van Holst Elan Vital Massage Therapy and Osteopathy Centre  N/A Ottawa, ON
Emily Burns Align Massage Therapy  COOPER / O'CONNOR Ottawa, ON
Carly McCooeye Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy  DANFORTH AVE / ROOSEVELT AVE OTTAWA, ON
Michele Lanigan Michele Lanigan, RMT  CANYON WALK / SPRATT Ottawa, ON
Ashley Easterbrook Back to Health Wellness Centre  BANK / CATHERINE OTTAWA, ON
Chris Nestor Progressive Massage Therapy  CHURCHILL AVENUE N / RICHMOND ROAD Ottawa, ON
Melanie Draves Orthosport Physiotherapy  N/A Ottawa, ON
Ruth Oommen Strathmere Retreat and Spa  PRINCE OF WHALES S / PHALEN ROAD W Ottawa, ON
Dora-Lynn Magill Magi Massage  KIRKWOOD N / IONA W OTTAWA, ON
Sylvie Lamarre Metcalfe Massage Therapy Clinic  METCALFE / Nepean OTTAWA, ON
Shayna Tate Blue Buddha Massage Therapy  N/A Ottawa, ON
Katrina Serwylo Life Therapies  HOLLAND / WELLINGTON WEST Ottawa, ON
Pamela Baillie Align Massage Therapy  BANK ST / HUNTCLUB Ottawa, ON
Shawna Colbey Westboro Spa & Hair Studio  BYRON / CHURCHILL N OTTAWA, ON
Elise-Marie Walsh Metcalfe Massage Therapy Clinic  COOPER / O'CONNOR Ottawa, ON
Amy Schultz Affinity Massage Therapy and Wellness  GLADSTONE AVE / PERCY ST OTTAWA, ON
Marta Hanrahan Myosense Wellness  BANK N / SLATER E Ottawa, ON
Reba Timbrell Capital Strength - Massage Therapy  CONROY / THURSTON Ottawa, ON
Vanessa MacMillan Edgeline Health & Fitness  N/A Ottawa, ON
Amy Licari (nee Reid) Amy Licari (nee Reid), RMT  CARLING AVE / WOODROFFE AVE E OTTAWA, ON
Norman Chow Norm Chow, RMT  FABLE STREET / JOCKVALE ROAD Ottawa, ON
Veronique Godard Riverside Hospital - Physiotherapy and rehabilitation  RIVERSIDE DRIVE / SMYTH ROAD Ottawa, ON
Vada Cavanagh MyoSanti Massage Therapy  MAIN / HAWTHORN Ottawa, ON
Lisa Guadamuz Lisa Guadamuz, RMT  OLGILVIE / MONTREAL Ottawa, ON
Tonya Gartshore Relax Massage Therapy Grernbank  GREENBANK / HUNT CĹUB Ottawa, ON
Matthew McMurchy Merivale Chiropractic Clinic  N/A Ottawa, ON
Meghan Max Meg Max, RMT  N/A Ottawa, ON
Kendra Speedie Byward Massage Therapy Centre  YORK / CUMBERLAND Ottawa, ON
Janet Penny Focus Massage Therapy  GLADSTONE AVE. / PERCY ST . OTTAWA, ON
Carolyn Chaisson Teal Wellness  MONTREAL RD / ST. LAURENT RD Ottawa, ON
Tricia Brandon-Davies Tricia Brandon-Davies, RMT  O'CONNOR / LISGAR/ SOMERSET OTTAWA, ON
Jasminka Golijanin Third Avenue Spa  Bank / Third OTTAWA, ON
Andrea Sternberg Live Well Family Health Centre  N/A Ottawa, ON
Nada Skerl Body-Mind Continuum Massage Therapy Clinic  ALBERT ST. / METCALFE ST. OTTAWA, ON
Michael Boguslavsky Michael Boguslavsky, RMT.  COOPER / METCALFE OTTAWA, ON
Drummond Robertson Broadview Spine and Health Clinic  CARLING AVE / BROADVIEW AVE N OTTAWA, ON
Kristine Karpinski Kristine Karpinski, RMT  N/A Ottawa, ON
Fatima Saeta Fatima Saeta, RMT  BANK / HUNT CLUB Ottawa, ON
Stuart Bell Beechwood Village Chiropractic Centre  N/A OTTAWA, ON
Andrew King Body Poets Massage Therapy  KENT / ARLINGTON OTTAWA, ON
Gloria Saikaley Plyomax Fitness Centre  LIMEBANK ROAD / SPRATT ROAD Ottawa, ON
Anna David Anna David, RMT  N/A OTTAWA, ON
Liam Birkwood Keenan Health Centre  CARLING / HARMER Ottawa, ON
Myosoon Kim Byward Chiropractic & Massage therapy center  CUMBERLAND / YORK OTTAWA, ON
Rose Kafanabo ESOR massage therapy and skincare  N/A ottawa, ON
Krista Eisner Kent Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre  FLORA / KENT OTTAWA, ON
Elfriede Bemis Island Park Therapeutic Massage  ISLAND PARK / SCOTT OTTAWA, ON
Valerie Lafranchise Stillpoint Massage Therapy & Yoga  MANITOU / SHERBOURNE Ottawa, ON
Lisa LaRochelle Back on Track Physio/Executive Fitness Leaders  HUNT CLUB / ANTARES Ottawa, ON
Shirley Lee Holistic Clinic  RIVERSIDE DRIVE W / BANK ST. S Ottawa, ON
Margaret Ashby Ashby And Associates Massage Therapy  BOLTON / KING EDWARD Ottawa, ON
Marnie Edwards Marnie Edwards, RMT  Hemlock / St. Laurent OTTAWA, ON
Mark Tannis Algonquin Fitness Zone Massage Therapy  WOODROFFE AVENUE / NAVAHO DRIVE Ottawa, ON
Catherine Jane Puddister Boyd Massage Treatment Centre  N/A OTTAWA, ON
David Williamson David Williamson, RMT  STRANDHERD DR / WOODROFFE AVE S Ottawa, ON
Melinda Franco Anna Belanger & associates   SUNNYSIDE / BANK OTTAWA, ON
April Ferguson Byward Massage Therapy Centre  N/A ottawa, ON
Lindsay Spooner Phelona Therapies  BANK ST. / LISGAR AVE. Ottawa, ON
Katharine Chancey Ottawa Collaborative Care Centre  LEWIS / CARTIER OTTAWA, ON
Andrew Bouchier Back to Health Wellness Centre  CATHERINE STREET / BANK STREET Ottawa, ON
Patricia MacNeil Care 2 Cure Physiotherapy  FISHER AVE / PRINCE OF WALES DR Ottawa, ON
Lori MacKay Rideau Massage Therapy  RIDEAU ST. / Ottawa, ON
Patricia MacNeil Mama Mobile Massage  N/A Ottawa, ON
Enrique Astorga Planet Botanix  BANK / SOMERSET Ottawa, ON
Catherine Croteau Catherine Croteau, RMT  HAIG / KILBORN OTTAWA, ON
Debra Nesrallah Debra Nesrallah, RMT  OLGILVIE S / BLAIR W Ottawa, ON
Laine Robertson Align Massage Therapy  N/A Ottawa, ON
Chantal Genova HealthCircle  N/A Ottawa, ON
Patricia Enright Active Care Physio  N/A OTTAWA, ON
Danielle Pratt Danielle Pratt, RMT  ONSLOW CR / ELLIOTT ST Ottawa, ON

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